Home sweet home

I can't seem to be getting back into my sewing.. So much to do though!! Christmas is just round the corner and I thought I might try and make some presents..

Here's a little something for my friend A's sister.

This was relatively easy to make but I just couldn't get the ribbon right! It was supposed to be at the top to hang, I undid and redid it 4 times - I've never redone something so many times, I usually just leave it! - and when I still couldn't get it right, I gave up and turned it into a little chimney. Problem is now, there's no way to hang it, bit silly isn't it!?

I like fabric houses. I've been meaning to try and make some of those.. So sweet and great to hang on a Christmas tree. Made by Kajsa Wikman (mentioned here before), more photos on Flicker or on her blog.


  1. Look beautiful, you should try and make fabric houses!!


  2. Thank you for all your nice comments! :-)