Hearts and raindrops

I brought my sewing machine downstairs last night so I could watch TV while sewing. I watched The Audience, a new show where "groups of strangers follow people facing life-changing decisions around for a week and decide how they should resolve their dilemmas". It was really interesting and quite funny to see all 50 people following the guy around and then trying to cram into his living room to chat with his family (lil sis you'd love it!)

Anyway, I like watching TV while sewing, keeps my motivation up, so here's what I made last night with my felt shapes.

Some clouds for a little boy (seen here, but I believe that one is made of card) and a heart garland for a little girl (seen here)..

I feel like a cheat really, this isn't proper sewing, it's just cutting and then pressing the pedal while feeding the shapes to the machine!

1 comment:

  1. I love what you did, love the heart garland : )

    have a lovely week!