Flowers and another little boy

Remember I was looking for some pink buttons a little while ago? Well this is why..

Inspired by (or copied from, depending on your interpretation) this gorgeous little bouquet seen in a Mollie Makes magazine and pinned on my pinboard for a few months..

It looks simple enough to make on the picture but mine didn't look quite as nice so I thought, instead of making 1 with lots of flowers I'd make 2..

It looks a bit better but I'm still not convinced - think I need longer and stronger stems.. I love the idea though, so think I'll keep collecting pink buttons!

And I'll leave you with an old pic of M at the Pick Your Own (fruit and veg) farm. Doesn't he look so cute running after his friend with a basket in his hand??


  1. So sweet!! I really love it.
    If I find a pink buttons, I will keep it for you.
    You can make a lovely hair clip with it too.

    1. Hairclips is a good idea! My boys would love it ;-)

  2. C'est trop mignon.
    Sur la photo, ça forme un espèce de dôme, ptêtre qu'en jouant sur la longueur des tiges... Tu pourrais essayer aussi de mettre des fleurs de diamètres identiques ensemble, c'est plus facile pour l'harmonie.