The flower and the bee

I'd seen embroidery hoops being used for home decor on a few websites before and always thought they looked really pretty. They're such a simple way to add a splash of colour to some plain walls.
Look at that gorgeous wall, seen here..

You can also stick of bit of foam or cork at the back and turn them into pinboards, which is what I did to put up in my future sewing room (still need a table!). With my gorgeous floral fabrics (love the pink one!)..

Explanations here or here. I used foam sheets for the back, I didn't even glue them so not sure how long they'll last but I think they look good and will come in handy!
Pins are from my favourite stationery store Paperchase.

My initial idea was to make one for the kids bedroom for photos, cards, drawings etc but I don't think the hoop is big enough so will need to think of something else..

And this is my workspace!

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  1. Anonymous18.4.12

    oh, everthing is so gorgeous, I would love to have such a good talent.
    I can't say a word to express myself....