Brothers & sisters

After this one, two more book covers (protège-carnet de santé) for the rest of the family..

I really hope the book fits inside! Because by the time I cut the fabric, did the embroidery which kind of shrinks the fabric and then sewed it all together, I seem to have lost a few millimetres here and there and none of the covers ended up the same size.
If the book it's meant for doesn't fit, I'll make it my mission to find a notebook that does!

Here they all are together..

I moved my workspace from the bedroom floor to the kitchen table..

In the next episode, I have a desk!

P.S.: the illustration on my Blanca Gomez calendar is very apt: it's been raining for 2 weeks solid and it's becoming quite annoying!
P.P.S.: you'll be pleased to know I've started work on Advent calendar #2!
P.P.P.S.: our laptop was broken, hence the lack of posting for a little while..


  1. Delphine28.4.12

    J'espère que ça va aller, c'est chouette!

  2. J'ai une commande. J'en voudrais un pour moi (je viens de retrouver mon carnet de santé bleu moche). Merci