Lovely day

I have been quite lazy and generally unproductive for the last week or so, but finally I have finished something! Here it is..

A frame for lil sis, again inspired (eg copied) from this diary - the last thing I wanted to make for her birthday. See, good thing I started early, her birthday is now only 3 weeks away! - she's in China at the mo, spreading the word about my blog and looking for potential factories to produce my creations. 
Ha ha, joke - but she really is in China!

In reality the colours are a lot more vivid, I really need to buy a new camera to take better pictures than this!


  1. Anonymous16.3.12

    I'm so lucky to have a sister who's making such nice things for me.
    today, you would have been proud of me I lead a 6h training only in englih. and I wasn' so bad.

    tomorrow is my shopping day, and I've seen today so much thing you would like. so I'll try to get some stuff for my niece and all my nephews.

    1. And for me too please!!
      And well done for your training!

    2. Anonymous18.3.12

      there are so much things for little girl, but no for little boy. I haven't find anything for all my nephews. I'm gonna try to go back to the market this week, but I'm not sure to have time.

      but, for you, the next time I'm coming to shanghai, so at the beginning of june just before going to london, I could order a coat if you give to me your measurments.