All good things (come to an end)

And here it is! My Advent calendar! - apologies for the bad picture, taken with my phone and very bad light on a dark winter morning.

I'm so SO proud of it, even though it's not perfect (I'm not sure how many of the straight lines ended up staying straight!).
So the little beds open and they're large enough to slip a couple of chocolates or a Lego figure/small Playmobil/toy car/Pokemon inside.

Inspired by this one (pattern available here)

I bought the pattern but in fact didn't use it at all, I just did my own thing - main differences being:
* I did the faces with felt appliques rather than proper little dolls heads
* I made each bed unique as I wanted to use as many of my cute fabrics as I could (in the pattern you make a long strip and cut it into 3 beds, also adding some wadding, which I didn't do)
* the layout is slightly different, mine is just children in bed, nothing else..

I don't know how many hours it took me to make this, I should have counted but I finished it in less than a month, making other things alongside it too.. I'm  going to take a break but will come back to it in a little while as I'd really like to make some more for family and friends - maybe following the pattern next time!

Seems a shame to put it away for the next 11 months!


  1. Anonymous7.2.12

    I prefer so much better yours, it's more colorfull.
    you've got a lot of talent, DO NOT WASTE IT.

    I order a belt, a shawl, a "manchon".

    the anonymous list addict

  2. vriginie8.2.12

    Oh moi aussi je préfère largement le tien, il est superbe!!! Les bébés sont trop choupinous!!! On peut dire que tu ne seras pas en retard... ça, c'est fait!