A week in France between beach and rain / the amazing Heartbeat art installation by Charles Pétillon in Covent Garden / making a start on my new embroidery in the prettiest colour palette / in full planning mode - I start my new job tomorrow and I'm wondering when I'll find the time to do everything I need and want to do!

I haven't been around much over the summer and I'm not quite sure when I'll be back, I think I might need a little time to get used to my new life and routine..
Thank you to my faithful readers, your visits and comments mean a lot. See you soon!


  1. Oh les belles photos!! Oui, vous auriez eu le même temps dans le sud ouest de l'Angleterre ;-)

  2. Anonymous1.9.15

    See you soon :-)

  3. La belle palette! Continue de faire des pauses pour toi, c'est indispensable! Je t'embrasse. H

  4. Your beach photos are just lovely. The colour palate is really nice, so faded and gentle. Good luck with your new job - I hope today went well. It's hard adjusting to the busier pace but it does get easier. xx

  5. Gorgeous photos, I love the striped beach huts. I would loved to have seen that installation, it looked amazing!
    Hope the new job is going well! xx

  6. La pause se prolonge... j'espère que tu en profites à fond et que tu en retires ce que tu attendais.
    Juste pour dire que si tu repasses par là... je serai toujours heureuse de te lire. Bises et bel automne

  7. Coucou Hélène, alors ça y est, tu as commencé à travailler, ça se passe bien ? Cette papeterie, j'adore ! xx