I ❤.. cross stitch



I find cross stitch very therapeutic.. I like the fact that it's pretty straightforward - if you can count, you can cross stitch, that you can do it curled up on the sofa while watching TV and that you can take it along with you to the park, cafe or on holiday..
These are some of my projects from the last year or so, which you might have seen here before..

And now for my to do list.. Some birthday and anniversary gifts, Pretty Little Paris, and the most beautiful Once Upon A Time sampler..






  1. I love cross stitch too for much the same reasons you do. I've been lazy though and haven't done any for a while. Your lovely work has inspired me! Bee xx

  2. Absolutely love the once upon a time piece and they are all beautiful. I haven't done any cross stitch since I was a teenager. Mind you, with the knitting, sewing, cooking and the impending tsunami of the garden perhaps I shouldn't even think about it!

  3. I think I'll get into it at some point, soon. I loved watching my mum do it when I was little :)
    Love the one of you, A., M. and Y. :)

  4. Mama Mia!
    Quel talent tu as quand même...
    Quand je pense qu'avant de te suivre, je pensais que les petites croix étaient super ringardes et réservées aux mamies. Toi, tu rockise tout ça... et j'adore. D'ailleurs, mon tambour est accroché en bonne place au dessus de ma MAC. Merci encore et beau printemps à toi.

  5. Whaou!!! Jadore le point de croix moi aussi et comme toi je trouve ça tres zen. Bravo pour tes petites réalisations qui donne a cette discipline un look tres actuel. On a hâte de voir la suite ;-)

  6. I love your cross-stitches; they are so contemporary! Tu m'épates ;-)

  7. C'est très joli ces cadres. J'aime beaucoup !