One of my key words for 2015 is Adventure. I LOVE discovering new places and trying new things!

I made Mr A an Adventure Book for Christmas, to force us to go out and do something different and fun together once a month. In December we played ping pong and this week we're going to a roller disco!
I have to say I'm having as much fun planning as I am enjoying the adventures!!

I've also been making an Adventure Jar for M, with activities such as Climb the lions at Trafalgar Square, Discover a new part of London, Jump on the first bus to come by and see where it takes us.. but also simple things like Have brunch in a cafe, Go for a bike ride, or Do some colouring..
In between school, after school clubs and playdates, I don't get to spend much time with him on his own and when I do, we have such a lovely time together! I really want to make the effort to take him out once a week..

And I have also ticked a few things off my evergrowing "100(0) things to do" list, such as visiting the Neasden Temple (real name BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir), Europe's first traditional Hindu temple..

.. and playing bingo!

I'd been wanting to play bingo for a while.. It took much persuading ("But.. isn't bingo for old people!?") but I managed to rope a few friends into coming with me. So one cold Friday night, we stumbled into this enormous hall for the late (9pm) session. We'd barely sat down that numbers were being shouted at us at a crazy pace and we got stamping, getting slightly stressed at the prospect of missing numbers! And before we'd had a chance to take a breath and grab a drink, it was all over and we'd won £50 between us! It was a bit surreal (the eerily empty hall - except for a dozen old ladies, the staff pointing at the numbers on our grids to help us out, envelopes full of money being brought to the table..) but so so much fun!

I'll share some of those adventures with you and please feel free to share yours or any exciting ideas or suggestions you might have!


  1. Comme souvent -pour ne pas dire toujours - je trouve tes idées excellentes et inspirantes.
    C'est typiquement le genre de choses que j'adorerais mettre en place pour nous, pour ma Louloute.... mais je me dis que je ne réussirais pas à tenir sur la longueur... que je ne saurais pas trouver/prendre le temps pour profiter vraiment de ces moments différents. Cette année 2015 devait être sous le signe de la simplicité et du calme et finalement j'ai l'impression de 21 jours de course et d'énervement... Faut que je me ressaisisse... Au fait, mini carte reçue??? (parce que certaines semblent s'être paumées en route)

  2. You are such a good and fun person!! Don't worry about my ''real'' mail it's still on my desk ;-)

  3. HA! You went to the temple :D Je l'ai visité l'année dernière et il m'avait coupé le souffle :)

  4. Bravo! L'année de l'aventure est lancée et bien lancee! Chez nous "the date jar" est un immense succès !!

    1. Ah super!!
      Bon le roller disco a ete moins successful que le ping pong, mais tres sympa quand meme. C'est ca aussi l'idee, get out of our comfort zone!

  5. C'est toi qui a fait ce carnet ? Mais c'est une excellente idée ! Ton blog regorge de ressources... et toi aussi !