Work in progress

The end of term is approaching fast. And end of term rhymes with teachers presents..
For the last 2 years, I've been making pocket quilts for M's teachers. This year I'm teaming up with my sewing buddy and we're making a patchwork cushion made up of all the childrens faces, drawn by them. I think it'll look cute!

I have also been commissioned to make a pocket quilt for one of Y's teachers who is leaving the school.. So after about 4 months of neglect, I finally got my sewing machine out and got sewing. And I am rather enjoying making again!


  1. hâte de voir le résultat ^^

  2. love the sound of that patchwork cushion!

  3. Génial! J'adore voir ce que tu couds c'est tjs poétique et peaceful!