A couple of (not so good) photos of the fair last night..

It was a first for me and a very good experience. I'm very glad I did it and I love my stuff and I loved our colourful stall but I have to say, after all the hard work and the stress and the buzz of the last couple of weeks/months and only a couple of sales last night (and to friends so that doesn't really count!), I'm feeling slightly deflated.. I know I shouldn't be so I'll just go have a cup of tea, have a rest and have a think..

Thank you all so much for bearing with me and for your encouragements, now I'll stop going on and on about the fair!
Happy week-end everyone!


  1. En tout cas tu y a mis du coeur... Quel boulot de fou tu as fait!
    Quelle motivation pour une belle soirée. Bisous doux

  2. J'ai bien pensé à toi hier...
    Enjoy your cup of tea!
    Je reste completement ébahie par tout ce que tu avais préparé!
    Happy weekend!

  3. Well done! For sure that was a good experience and you seemed to enjoy it. Enjoy your cup of tea, you deserve it! Have a nice weekend...

  4. Oh zut! tu méritais que ça cartonne!
    Bon thé, et peut-être une boutique éphémère en ligne?

  5. oh oui pour un calendrier! en te lisant je compatis...je me souviens des heures passées en prep avant les marché et l'euphorie qui retombe un peu après les ventes miséreuses...tu peux ouvrir une vitrine etsy! Tu peux m'envoyer les détails prix du calendrier sur mail, bises xx

  6. Oh, don't be deflated, your work is beautiful. I did a few fairs last year and some went well, others were awful. It feels like a lot of work for not a lot of gain. Have you thought about an etsy shop maybe?

  7. Anonymous9.12.13

    J'espère que tu auras pensé aux cookies Sainsbury's pour aller avec ton thé!
    Best way to enjoy a good tea AND they are great comfort food ;)
    You are very talented, remember that.
    Jaïlys xx