Mug rug

I heard of mug rugs for the first time this week and I thought why did I never think of making one of those before!? I've stopped counting the number of water rings on my table..

So I had a go.. This was my first time patchworking - that bit wasn't too bad; first time quilting - it got a bit more challenging there with the 2 pieces of fabric moving around as I was going and my rectangle not ending up so much as a rectangle any more; and after watching a couple of videos on youtube, my first time using bias tape - I found that bit really tricky and the result was quite dreadful, especially at the back - but mug rugs aren't supposed to be flipped over, right?

Anyway, I need more practice!!


  1. Lovely! I think you'd need crocheted ones, don't you? ^_^

  2. Just lovely ... and very impressive ... Bee xx

  3. La bonne idée! Vu d'ici ça n'est pas mal du tout! Comme
    Betsy,chez nous j'en mets partout : des petits mug rugs crochetés...
    Want some?

  4. Well done, they look lovely. xx

  5. Filicitations, fillotte! Vu d'ici et sur l'endroit c'est bien, la surpiqure,les angles bien jolis. Pour éviter, au moins limiter le glissement des 3 couches, "top, batting, backing" il faut trouver un pied double entrainement qui s'adapte à ta machine. Je pourrai te donner des cours de "binding" si tu veux! En tout cas moi, avec le patchwork, j'apprends l'anglais....